2014 – Book #5


The fifth book I finished for 2014 was Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl. I finished this book on 1/17/14. It is the 2nd book in a connected series of friends from Tumble Creek Colorado. This story is about mechanic Lori Love and her relationship with Quinn Jennings (Lori is best friends with Quinn’s sister Molly, who is the heroine in book #1 of the series, Talk Me Down). I rated this book 3 stars out of a scale of 5. It was a steamy story and the ending was very sweet but the heroine of the story was pretty mean to the hero in some parts. Overall was an ok story but definitely not one of my favorites. The first book in the series though (which I read in 2013) I rated 3.75 stars out of a scale of 5 so if you are interested in reading the series I would recommend reading this one as part of it.

Link to author website: http://www.victoriadahl.com/

Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Start-Me-Up-Victoria-Dahl/dp/0373773900/ref=tmm_mmp_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1392595938&sr=8-1

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