Updated Already Read Listing

Updated Already Read Listing

I will be continuing to add more detail to my already read listing as time goes on, by both adding books as I finish them and also by adding more detail to books I’ve finished in the past. Unfortunately I didn’t start this listing until I think I was in college so I am missing a lot of books I know I’ve already read. I will try to fill in the gaps as  I go along. I didn’t start documenting what date I finished the book until this past year though and that is information I won’t be able to retrieve for books I’ve previously read.

But for anyone who is interested in books I’ve read in the past you can get to the listing here. It is currently sorted by author and then by title but you can change it to sort for whatever information you may be looking for. Please feel free to comment with any questions or recommendations on how the listing could be improved!

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