2014 – Book #55


The fifty-fifth book I read in 2014 was The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens. I finished this book on 6/22/14. This is the 18th book in the Cynster family series and the 3rd book in the Cynster Sisters trilogy. The Cynster Sisters trilogy is actually a sub-series within the Cynster family series. I have read other books in the Cynster series and have many other blog posts on them (see link below). This book was actually a re-read for me since I’ve read it before. This time I rated it 4.5 stars out of a scale of 5. This book tells the story of Angelica Cynster and Dominic, the Earl of Glencrae.

In the last book in the Cynster Sisters trilogy, the man behind the kidnappings of both Heather and Eliza Cynster was last seen by Eliza and Jeremy while he was falling to his death. Because of this, the Cynsters all believe the threat to Angelica has been eliminated, which Angelica is grateful for since she no longer has to worry about being kept under the collective Cynster males’ thumbs. And when she sees a devastatingly handsome man at a ball, she knows that he is her hero.

Dominic, the Earl of Glencrae, was hoping that he would not have to stoop so low as to kidnap a Cynster girl himself and thereby wound his own honor. After his associates failed to hold onto either Heather or Eliza though, Angelica is now his last hope and he can not afford any mishaps. Especially with his meeting with the bankers coming up in a few short weeks and his mother still refusing to tell him where the goblet is that he should be handing over to said bankers. Dominic never imagined that Angelica would make the kidnapping so easy by asking him to go for a private walk on the terrace. Then this Scottish laird convinces Angelica to help him save his clan and they set off together to his home near Inverness. I don’t know what it is but I love the books about highlanders, there’s something so romantic about them.

This book is personally one of my favorites in the series. I love the great tension and emotions that flow so easily between the hero and heroine, and I love that this book finally solves the mystery of the past 2 books in the Cynster Sisters trilogy about why Dominic’s mom is so mean. One of the things I didn’t necessarily love about the book though was that the ending kind of came out of nowhere. The villain from the end of the book isn’t included in the story up until he becomes the villain and honestly his name isn’t even mentioned at all until the climatic end scene. So at first you feel a little lost trying to figure out who he is and what the back story with him is. Another thing I probably would have changed is that I wish there had been more interaction between Angelica and the boys. Not that it was necessary to make the book a good book but I thought it would’ve rounded out the story better.

One of the things I think is really interesting is following my characters’ progress on their journey to Dominic’s highland home. They take a mail coach from London to Edinburgh, passing through York. And then from Edinburgh they head to Inverness by way of Perth. I can’t find the exact island where I think Dominic’s home was but that piece of it could be fictional. I also love the descriptions of how beautiful the highlands of Scotland are, they make me desperately want to go there myself someday to witness the landscapes. The photo below is of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness in Scotland.

Capture Capture2


Link to other reviews in the Cynster Sisters trilogy: https://rebeccabookreview.wordpress.com/category/book-reviews/book-series-book-reviews/cynster-sisters-trilogy/

Link to other reviews in the Cynster family series: https://rebeccabookreview.wordpress.com/category/book-reviews/book-series-book-reviews/cynster-family-series/

Link to author website: http://www.stephanielaurens.com/

Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Capture-Glencrae-Cynster-Sisters-Trilogy/dp/0062068628/ref=tmm_mmp_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1403554774&sr=8-1-spell

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