2014 – Book #92


As part of my October spooky series reading challenge, the ninty-second book I read in 2014 was Dead and Loving It by MaryJanice Davidson. This is a collection of 4 short stories, all 4 involving werewolves. The last short story, A Fiend in Need, is set between the fourth and fiftth book in her Undead series about vampire queen Betsy Taylor. This is the series I will be focusing on this month for my Spooky Series reading challenge for the month of October. I finished this book on 10/12/14. I rated this book overall at 3.5 stars out of a scale of 5.

Santa Claws tells the story of werewolf Laird Alec Kilcurt and human Giselle Smith. When Alec first meets Giselle in a Santa suit standing on a street corner ringing a bell for donations, he knows immediately that she is the one for him. Apparently he knows that because she smells like ripe peaches, but hey to each his own. I thought this story was ok but it was pretty steamy, more so than I am used to. Honestly was kind-of borderline erotica considering its a short story and the bulk of the story seemed to be about sex.

Monster Love actually starts off at the wedding of Alec and Giselle from the last story, which I thought was nifty. Werewolf Janet Lupo leaves Giselle and Alec’s wedding in a huff and runs into vampire Richard Will. They make a date for the next night but due to a significant misunderstanding, Richard ends up kidnapping Janet and holding her hostage for like 2 weeks. Richard doesn’t believe that Janet is a werewolf so when she Changes during the full moon and runs off, he is just bereft. Honestly, this story got a little weird to me. I mean if you like rough sex that’s fine, whatever floats your boat. But Richard basically rapes Jane in this story and I didn’t really think that was cool. Other than that and the fact that Janet swore in every sentence, the story was ok.

There’s No Such Thing As A Werewolf tells the story of blind werewolf Doctor Drake Dragon who falls in love with a girl named Crescent Muhn. Crescent has this fascination with trying to fly. She’s also apparently 24 to Drake’s 40 and is homeless so Drake takes her home, like a lost puppy he’s decided to adopt. Long story short, they do it, and through a series of events (including running into Janet and Richard from the previous story) we find out that Crescent is actually a fairy! Pretty cool. I liked this story, only thing I didn’t like was the age difference between the two main characters. Was a little weird but other than that the story was good.

A Fiend in Need is the novella between the fourth and fifth books in the Undead series. Antonia the future-seeing werewolf. Antonia has a vision that she can get something she wants by traveling to Minnesota and helping “the queen.” And so she travels, and meets fiend George, who she knows to be someone named Garrett Shea. Garrett falls in love with Antonia instantly and they do it and stuff. That’s pretty much it. The thing I liked best about this story is that we got to see Betsy’s household from an outsider’s point of view, I found that interesting.

Link to author website: http://www.maryjanicedavidson.net/

Link to Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Loving-Undead-MaryJanice-Davidson-ebook/dp/B000PDYVUC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1413148507&sr=8-2&keywords=dead+and+loving+it

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