Finding new books to read


I posted last year about a variety of different book recommendation sites that can be used to find a good book to read next. Other than these sites though, a source that I use constantly for finding new books to read is This can be a great source of finding new books in all genres, and even for learning more about authors. I get the print edition of their regular newsletter from my local library (which can be viewed online), but they also have newsletters that you can sign up to receive periodically on certain genres, including a romance newsletter beginning in February, “Smitten.” Readers can also sign up to receive a daily newsletter featuring a different book every day. I think the good thing about the Book of the Day newsletter is that it features a great variety of books. I’ve seen everything from romance to non-fiction to cookbooks to biographies to fiction featured on there. This is a great way to read about books that might be out of your comfort zone and maybe expand your reading horizons. Other newsletters include a top 10 (top ten books of the month), a children’s newsletter, and a YA newsletter.


And if you like romance novels, another great source for new books I highly recommend the Heroes and Heartbreakers website and newsletter. This is a great site to find new romance novels to read. I especially like their “new release shopping list” that they put together. This listing shows different romance genres that have releases during the current month (shown by week). I have found a lot of new books through their newsletter. They also publish great articles and posts about different topics, including first looks at upcoming releases. Check out this article featuring a first look into Erin Knightley’s newest histroical romance release, The Earl I Adored.


So what about all of you? Where do you all find your next great read?

6 thoughts on “Finding new books to read

  1. Very helpful post! I usually just use GoodReads, BookPage, and various blogs for recommendations. I’m def. going to check out Heroes and Heartbreakers though! It sounds like an awesome site. Thanks!

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