April reading challenge – #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge


For the month of April I will be participating in the #ReadingMyLibrary Reading Challenge hosted by Caught Read Handed and Read What I Like. This challenge is designed to encourage participants to read books that they obtained from a library. They can be any kind of form of book: e-book, physical book, audio book, etc. The reading challenge runs from April 1 to 30. You only have to read one book to participate but if you decide to read more, every five books you read over the initial one will earn you another entry for a chance to win a prize. For more on the rules for this challenge, you can visit either blog listed above. There is also a handy-dandy schedule that you can use to make sure you stay on track!

One of the things I’m really excited about with this reading challenge is the Library Scavenger Hunt the hosts have planned. Not a lot of details on this yet but it will run from April 15 to 30. Make sure to check back to see more on this fun activity!

I thought this challenge would be especially fitting to participate in since National Library Week is April 12 to 18. I tend to make very good use of my library, though the past couple months I have been buying more books than I have been getting from the library. So I am excited to utilize my local libraries a lot more this coming month! Make sure to check back to see my progress! For anyone else who is interested in signing up, the home page for the challenge is here and the hosts answer FAQs here. Happy Reading everyone!

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