Rebeccabookreview Recommends Library Book Display!

So I’ve been trying to come up with marketing ideas lately to work on getting my blog name out there and get more followers. And after visiting my local library one day I thought of all the different book displays that libraries put together. I mean no one really has time to browse through the adult fiction section, there are way too many books. So I know I personally will pay special attention to whatever book display has been put together for that month highlighting certain books. And I thought, well why wouldn’t I be able to do a book display??


So there it is! Nothing fancy this first time, I am thinking though that I might try and get a colorful poster or tri-fold to display for next time to draw more attention. But I did put out bookmarks (great quality bookmarks that I was able to design myself on and while it wasn’t what I would call a “huge” success, a few people picked out books from the display and I hope they ended up enjoying them! For those interested, here is a close-up of the bookmark: