Cook Books Galore!!

So I have some cookbooks that I was approved to review through NetGalley recently. I don’t really count these as “books read” since when I read a cookbook I don’t read every single page. But I thought I would still share these books with you guys in case something snags your interest!

Butter & Scotch by Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth – 4.0 stars



I really liked this book, the recipes in it were great. This book was written by the owners of a dessert and drinks bar in NYC. Recipes consisted of: cupcakes, cocktails, brunch food and drinks, pies, cookies, boozy shakes, etc. I liked a lot of the recipes, I was especially intrigued by the Lemon Lavender cupcakes, which I would love to make sometime. Dessert and drinks are two of my favorite things so this one was right up my ally!



Everything I Want to Eat by Jessica Koslow – 3.25 stars


Most of the recipes in this book I don’t think I would try. They seemed complicated. I mean they all looked delicious and very healthy but I prefer quick and easy recipes. There were a couple items that caught my interest including the Raspberry cardamom jam and the Rhubarb lemonade. I also really liked that the book had pictures from actual farms showing production/growing of the ingredients. If I had a personal chef, I would want them to use only this book because the recipes all seem so fresh and healthy.

The Good Fork Cookbook by Sohui Kim and Burcu Avsar – 4.25 stars


Manchego Cheese Fritters? Freaking yes please. I loved a bunch of the recipes in this cookbook. Many of the recipes had a Korean flair/were Korean recipes (the author of the book and owner of the restaurant is Korean) but these recipes will appeal to all readers, regardless of their ethnicity. I especially like the recipe for gnocchi with sauteed mushrooms and spring vegetables, I thought that sounded delicious! I think this would be a great cookbook for trying something new and fresh and delicious, I would like to purchase this one for myself and family members!

The Short Stack Cookbook by Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen – 4.25 stars


This book is set up like a series of “short stack” cookbooks, each section features an ingredient, like apples, shrimp, yogurt, etc. I thought that was a interesting approach and I like the convenience of it. Like the apple section contains breakfast, dinner, dessert and drink recipes all within that one section.The pictures in this book were great too and I loved how colorful it was. There were a lot of great recipes, this is a book that you need to work through slowly though since there are just so many delicious items to make. I would love to purchase this one for myself and family members!

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