2021 Monthly Status Update: October


My favorite time of the year is almost over! Fall is the best – between the cooler weather and my birthday and all the Halloween decorations, I just love this time of year. We always have a big Halloween celebration and it’s just great. And this year we got to make lots of new memories with our son. I started back at work and it’s been hard at times trying to find a balance between work and home – this resulted in October being a slow reading month for me! Here is my reading progress for October:

Monthly Stats:
# books read this month: 7
# pages read this month: 1,921
# books read year-to-date: 97
# pages read year-to-date: 32,870

Other Posts this month:

Nothing to report from this past month!

BUT I just have to mention – I made it onto one of my favorite podcasts FATED MATES!! I called in and left a voicemail to talk about the book that “blooded me”  and they used my recording to conclude one of their episodes! I literally screamed in the car when I heard it, I was so excited!! It’s episode 27 of Season 2 and was an interstitial about sickbed scenes on romance novels. I HIGHLY recommend listening to the whole episode because it was a good one but if you’re looking to hear from me specifically, my message starts at minute 29:00!

Favorite books from this month:

Nothing really that stood out this month

Next Month TBR List:

Nothing on the TBR for next month, which is good because work is just so busy right now and I’m going to have trouble keeping up between my work load and a baby at home. I’m hoping to fit in time for reading when I can and just read stuff from my backlog or my library. I’ve also started going to clients and to the office again and have been listening to my podcasts! So hopefully I can read some books this month for catching up with the podcast TBR.

Happy November to everyone and enjoy Thanksgiving (safely)!

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