2022 Status Update – March through June

Last time I posted a status update was for February. Work was pretty crazy after this and between that, my son having surgery in April, and just generally not getting as much reading done and not having as many updates – I decided to do these updates more on a quarterly basis than monthly. I have been getting more reading this past month but still not where I might normally be. My family and work have been taking a precedence over reading – plus I have been watching a couple new shows. For anyone that hasn’t watched Ted Lasso – I highly recommend it, it is so wholesome! Anyways, here is my reading progress for the last couple months.

Reading Stats:
# books read this update: 19
# pages read this update: 6,144
# books read year-to-date: 28
# pages read year-to-date: 9,251

Other Posts this post:

No other posts

Favorite books from this post:

Fix Her Up and Tools of Engagement – both by Tessa Bailey

Upcoming TBR List:

  • Catch up on books I missed in the last couple months
  • The Hookup Plan by Farrah Rochon (8/2)
  • Something in the Heir by Suzanna Enoch (9/20)
  • A Merry Little Meet Cute by Sierra Simone and Julie Murphy (9/20)

I have a vacation coming up next month (August) that will be very reading focused, which I’m looking forward to. Work will take up a lot of my time until then but I’m trying to find a balance! Hope everyone out there is enjoying the summer so far and has been finding something good to read. Happy reading!

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