ARC August 2018 – Update #1


Wow this week just flew by! Busy week at work and then this weekend was Goal Day and then spent some time at my aunt and uncle’s house. Luckily Goal Day means a good amount of concentrated reading time! So between that and some late reading nights (I’m cutting into my sleeping time the next few weeks to try and get more done) I actually got a good amount of reading done this week! And this weekend was the ARC August Read-a-thon, I’m glad I got to participate and read a bunch! Anyways, so here’s where I stand right now:


August 2018 ARC’s

-Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins – Read and reviewed (Week 1)
-Our House by Louise Candlish
-Smothered by Autumn Chiklis – Read and reviewed (Week 1)
-The Duke of Seduction by Darcy Burke
-Maybe For You by Nicole McLaughlin
-Cowboy, Cross My Heart by Donna Grant
-The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo
-Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia

Backlog ARC’s

I’m actually using a reading challenge to help me whittle away at the 2016 and 2017 backlog list, so for this challenge I’d like to get to the following:

-A book told through letters
-A book with a five-word title – Started At the Heart of It by Tawna Fenske
-A book whose cover features nature
-A book whose title begins with K, Q, J, X, or Z
-A book you bought (requested) for the cover
-A book written by an author who wrote one of your favorite 2017 books
-A book with a one-word title

Books Read August 1st – 5th

Smothered by Autumn Chiklis – 1.25 stars
Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins – 5.0 stars

Plan for Upcoming Week

This week is going to be a little nuts. Work has been really busy for me lately, I’ve been working many nights and weekends and that will be the case this coming week also. Even though this week will be busy, I’m sure I’ll find time to read when I can but I’m not going to stress too much about it for now! Happy reading everyone!!

ARC August 2016 – Check in #2 – 8/7-8/12


Woot! 2 weeks in and… not enough books read! Fortunately for me I am spending the next week UNPLUGGED from life where I will hopefully get some reading done. I am heading up to Maine with my Dad, Uncle and Cousin for some R&R with no electricity, internet, or cell service. Which is why I’m technically writing this post a little early. Since I’m posting a day or so early, I’m only covering the books that I read through this Friday, and then I’ll get caught up next weekend when I return from the island wilderness. So anyways, I was able to actually get some reading done during week two, here we go!

My Progress:

I didn’t really have an exact plan for what I would read but I will go off the original list posted and just disclose any variations from said original list:

-The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Elizabeth Crispell – Read and reviewed
-Results May Vary by Bethany Chase – Read and reviewed
-Sting by Sandra Brown
-The Form of Things Unknown by Robin Bridges
-Quarter Life Poetry by Samantha Jayne
-Behave by Andromeda Romano-Lax
-Thirty Days to Thirty by Courtney Psak
-All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
-Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan
-The Killing Game by Nancy Bush
-Luck, Love, and Lemon Pie by Amy E. Reichert
-The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger
-If You Left by Ashley Prentice Norton
-All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker
-To Have and To Hold by Laura McHugh
-The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood
-My Husband’s Son by Deborah O’Connor
-First Comes Love by Emily Giffin
-Stormswept by Sabrina Jeffries
-Once a Soldier by Mary Jo Putney
Additions to original list:
-I’ve Got Sand In All the Wrong Places by Lisa Scottline and Francesca Serritella
-The 24-Hour Wine Expert by Jancis Robinson
-Butter and Scotch by Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth

Books Read August 7th-12th


The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Bishop Crispell – 4.25 stars


Results May Vary by Bethany Chase – 4.75 stars

Plan for Upcoming Week

My plan is to read a TON! I’m currently reading The Rosie Project for my book club book (at about page 50 as of 8pm Friday), which won’t count for this challenge, and then I need to finish up I’ve Got Sand In All The Wrong Places, which I started last month. Then it will be a free for all, whatever I want to read I will!! PS Most definitely starting with Sting by Sandra Brown, I CAN NOT wait to read her new release!

#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge – Weekly Update #2 April 11th


Well another week has somehow slipped by. I am anxiously looking forward to the coming week since tax season is over in 4 more days and I will finally have more time for reading! I also have some fun vacations planned in the next couple months that I’m looking forward to. So anyways, I was able to get through 4 books this past week for the reading challenge: The Vintner’s Daughter, Cure for the Common BreakupYou’re So Fine, and Find Me (I finished it this morning so I will have the post up later today). The first 3 books I took out from the Bristol Public Library, and Find Me I borrowed from the Terryville Public Library.


So as part of the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge, there are optional weekly update posts. The topic for this week’s post is: Books you would like to suggest to your library. There have been a number of series and various books over the years that weren’t at my library that I wanted to read. That’s the great thing about CT libraries though, if my library doesn’t have a certain book I can look it up online and find out if another library in CT has it. I can then request that book and it is sent from the other library to my home library for me to borrow! Because of that, there haven’t been too many books over the years that I wasn’t able to find at the library. And for the handful of books that weren’t at any libraries that I could find, I would go to Barnes & Noble and buy the book and then donate it to my library once I finished it! Great system I think.

That being said, my home library usually ends up having the majority of the books that I’m looking for. Partly because I have similar reading interests to some of the librarians and also because they try to order things that they know the patrons will take out (even sometimes specifically me!). So with that in mind, below are a few of the books/series that I have looked for at my home library over the years and have been surprised that they didn’t have as well as a few I’d like to read from my TBR list that they don’t have:

1. The Fairy Tale series by Eloisa James


I thought that this was a really popular series and I was a little surprised that my library didn’t have the series! Especially since there are a lot of romance readers at my library.

2. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter


This looks like a good teen series and those tend to be popular at my library.

3. The Great Beanie Baby Bubble by Zac Bissonnette


BEANIE BABIES WERE AWESOME! Every library should have this book, its so relevant to real life.

4. The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford


To be honest I think my library might have gotten this book in the last couple days but I haven’t seen it there yet. This looks like a great book!

#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge – Weekly Update April 4th

As part of the #ReadingMyLibrary challenge, there are optional weekly update posts. This week’s topic is to talk a little about your library. Unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to finish any books for the challenge, this weekend is a busy church weekend for me. I hope to read two books in the next week though and I should have a lot more free time after April 15th (I’m an accountant during the day). Also as a side note if anyone is still interested in signing up, there is still time! You can sign up here until April 15th.

Tville lib 3

The Terryville Public Library is one of my absolute favorite places. Terryville is a relatively small town, pretty much just a blip on the map, but I think our library has a great selection of books and very good resources as well. I was fortunate enough to work at the library when I was in high school and I loved every minute of it. I have always loved reading so working at the library was a perfect fit for me. Stacking the shelves introduced me to a great number of books of all kinds.

When I went away to college, my home library was too far away to go to as regularly as I would like. So I began going to different libraries in the area to see what kind of book selections they had available. This taught me about my great love for not only my home base but all libraries. I love going to new libraries and exploring the different book selections and seeing all the different set-ups. There was one library up near school that I used to study at a lot. It had huge windows so there was a lot of natural light and they left out puzzles on the tables that people could do. It was this library that made me realize that libraries are hubs of the community. They are used not only for finding a book to read but are used for a great variety of resources and social outlets.Tville lib 2

Getting back to my home base library, Terryville Library has a personal connection for me. When I was younger, my mother pointed out a portrait hanging in the library stairwell and told me that one of our relatives had been the head librarian at this library. Her name was Dorothy B. Wilcox, and she is my great-great aunt (there may be more or less greats in here, not exactly sure on the number of greats). Below are her portrait and a brief history of the Terryville Public Library, in which she is mentioned.

Tville lib 4

From the Terryville Public library Website:

History of the Terryville Public Library 1895 – 2015

The beginning of the Terryville Library dates back to 1839, during the Presidency of Martin Van Buren, when thirty citizens of the Town of Plymouth organized a private subscription library. The records of the Terryville Lyceum Library show that it flourished for twenty years. Shortly after the Civil War, interest dwindled. In 1891 the record ends. At that time, a group of far-sighted townspeople were determined that Terryville should have a free library. Miss Gertrude Ells was appointed librarian at 25 dollars a year and the Terryville Free Public Library was born. Shortly afterward , the Lyceum Library donated all of its books to the new library. The collection was housed in the court room in the town hall. In 1922, when the Terryville Public Library opened the door of the new colonial building, the head librarian was still Miss Gertrude Ells, who had as her assistant Mrs. Dorothy Wilcox. Miss Ells was succeeded in 1926 by Miss M. Gertrude Fenn, whose ancestors had been original subscribers of the Lyceum Library. Mrs. Nelly Baldwin was librarian from 1931 to 1938, succeeded by Mrs. Dorothy Wilcox. Mrs. Wilcox retired in 1964 after forty-two years of service and was succeeded by Mrs. John Cox, whose father James Murphy, was a member of the 1895 committee as well as the library building committee. She resigned in 1970 and was succeeded by Georgiana Miloenson who served until 1972. Mrs. Joyce Reid took office in 1972. The book collection in 1922 was roughly five thousand and is now numbered twenty thousand. In 1975 an addition was added to the present library and dedicated on February 22, 1976. This addition provided over 8,000 square feet to the to the original library. Between 1978 and 2006 there were four head librarians; Barbara Brown, Sandra Miranda,  Frances Rice and  Sharon LaCourse. Lynn White was appointed Director of the Terryville Public Library in January 2007. Portions were adapted from Plymouth, Connecticut 1776-1976 by J. Francis Ryan.