Product Review – Cashmere Writing Gloves!

I was recently approached by Literary Book Gifts with an opportunity to review one of their products, the Cashmere Writing Gloves. For those of you that don’t know, Literary Book Gifts is an online retail store that features many reading related items. From their site – “Literary Book Gifts is a webstore that celebrates these high-quality works of literature that so many of us have enjoyed reading. Books and authors are always in mind when creating each addition to the catalog. The titles and authors are chosen to suit young adults, women, and men alike. These stories are meant to be enjoyed long after reading the final pages and the cover is closed. As designs, now they can be.” There’s a huge variety of gifts for any book lover. Some of the T-shirts and totes on the site look awesome and there’s a variety of books featured! I’m sure I’ll have to buy one of my favorites.

I received a pair of the Cashmere Writing Gloves in Heather Purple. The gloves are very comfortable and will definitely keep my hands warm on those cold nights when my hands are outside the covers to hold a book or turn a page! They’d also be great for writers to keep their hands warm while working on their next great novel!


As you can see from the photos, the gloves cover the whole back of your hand and have two finger openings, one for the thumb and then one for the other four fingers. The gloves are soft and comfortable and I’d recommend them! They’re a little steep at $52 but they’re cashmere and, from what I’ve experienced with them so far, they are a good quality product.

**I was provided with this free product in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Book talk and signing

So last night I went to a book talk and signing with Kristan Higgins at the Durham Public Library. She talked about her two most recent books, The Perfect Match and Waiting on You. Her talk was just awesome! I figured out why her books are so funny, she is just hilarious! She talked about her process with writing the two books (two most recent books in her Blue Heron series) and the part I found most interesting I think was when she talked about the different things she had to research when writing the books.

Kristan discussed the research she had to do for her two most recently published books. For The Perfect Match she had to research immigration laws, toxic friendships, and boxing. For Waiting on You she had to research kidney failure, Chicago, and fraternal twins. I never really considered before how much work and research has to be put into each novel for it to work and make sense. I thought it was fun that she got to research vineyards while she was looking for the right setting for the Blue Heron series. Who doesn’t want to do research at a winery? I think it might be interesting to try and write a book. Obviously it is extremely difficult and I’m not really sure I could manage but it might be interesting to try.

Kristan also talked about her writing process and how she finds a celebrity guy to crush on when she’s first forming the hero’s character in the book. I thought this was funny, she even included some pictures of cute celebrities in her PowerPoint! I also liked how she connects a lot of things from her life into the books. Like one of her books has a teenage girl in it and at the time she was writing this book her daughter was just entering teenage age. Kristan was very personable and gave such a great presentation!

What a great talk, Kristan kept me interested the whole time! And then I got my book signed, I felt like I was meeting a celebrity I was so nervous 🙂

And surprise Mom (in case you read this before tomorrow) but I got a signed copy for you in addition to my signed copy!


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