ARC August – Check in #2 – 8/15

Two weeks down now, halfway through the month and I think I’m making good progress. I didn’t get as much done as I had planned this week but we all need a little down time once in a while! ARC August, which is hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat is a reading challenge that centers around catching up on reading your ARC’s! And I definitely needed the encouragement this month since I have a long list of them to get done.


My progress: 

1. Awake by Natasha Preston – Read & reviewed during Week 1
2. On The Way: A Working Woman’s Field Guide by Robin Lake – Read & reviewed during Week 1
3. The Guilty One by Sophie Littlefield – Read & reviewed during Week 1
4. Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner – Read & reviewed during Week 1
5. Imaginary Things by Andrea Lochen – Read & reviewed plus an author interview!
6. Steele Resolve by Kimberly Amato – Read & reviewed
7. Melting Steele by Kimberly Amato – Read & reviewed
8. 33 Cecils by Everett DeMorier – Read & reviewed
9. Friction by Sandra Brown – Up next after I finish the book for this month’s book discussion
10. We Never Asked For Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
11. A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan
12. Goddess of Suburbia by Stephanie Kepke

Books read August 8th-15th:

41ipsFo0VdLImaginary Things by Andrea Lochen – 4.25 stars

81bJqKePfdLSteele Resolve by Kimberly Amato – 2.75 stars

51KO56Q-KBLMelting Steele by Kimberly Amato – 2.5 stars

A1yPvrKsVaLThirty-Three Cecils by Everett De Morier – 3.5 stars

So that is what I have accomplished this week! Lots still to read, I didn’t have these on my original sign up post but I realized that I have 2 more ARC’s that I need to read for 9/1 and therefore will likely read in August. So that makes a total of 6 more books to read before 8/31. And with the Terryville Fair coming up at the end of the month, I lose a whole weekend to that. Lots of reading to do!! Will have to fit everything in.
Happy reading to you all!

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