2019 Monthly Status Update: April


And I thought March was a crazy month, April was even crazier! Work really slammed me in April and I was trying to make sure I was still getting enough sleep so I didn’t read AT ALL for four weeks. Not my best time but I made it through. So anyways, here are some highlights from April for me:

Monthly Stats:
# books read this month: 1
# pages read this month: 515
# books read year-to-date: 22
# pages read year-to-date: 7,157

Favorite Books I Read this Month:

I only read one book but I can’t say I loved it so I’ll skip this for this month!

Other Posts this month:

Nothing for this month!

Next Month TBR List:

I didn’t really get to any of my April books so I’ll have to read those too but these are my upcoming to reads for May:

-Next Girl to Die by Dea Poirier
-The Bride Test by Helen Hoang
-The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
-Smitten by the Brit by Melanie Johnson
-The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey

Short list for next month but based on my track record so far I’m hoping to be able to read at least these! I’m also hoping I’ll have time to catch up on a couple I missed over the first months of the year since I do have some concentrated reading time coming up this month! Looking forward to participating in Bout of Books this month, some vacation time, and also my reading retreat at the end of the month!

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